Alkaline Water Fundraiser

The alkaline water fundraiser has begun! The sole purpose of this fundraiser is to support the development of the Vet Terrance community. For each pallet of water sold, our post will receive $250 which w ill be used to build tiny houses and establish resources for the needy veterans of our community. You do not … [Read more…]

Marine Foundation

  Only 3 weeks until Christmas and many families are in need of support! Our Corporate Donations are Falling Behind Last Year’s Levels and we could use your help! Dear Commander Roger,  For Marines who have stormed the beaches at Iwo Jima, liberated Kuwait, and recently served in Afghanistan, sorting toys and books may seem trivial by comparison. … [Read more…]

Christmas For Veterans

Centennial Post 2019 will be collecting toiletries and other non-perishable items for veterans and the elderly this Christmas. All donations need to be in before December 19th, 2018.    Hand out and Delivery Date scheduled December 20, 2018.   Centennial Post 2019 is in need of Items for 200 veteran/elderly for Christmas and Volunteers contact … [Read more…]