Full Accounting Of POW/MIAs

The American Legion maintains unwavering support for full accounting of all U.S. military personnel taken as prisoners of war, missing or killed in action o foreign soil. Official meetings of the Legion start with a prayer to honor our nation’s POWs. POW/MIA flags, patches and pins are displayed at Legion events to demonstrate the organization’s … [Read more…]

Foreign Relations

The American Legion maintains a strong working relationship with the State Department to promote peace, human rights and trade on a global scale. The Legion urges the president and Congress to continue pursuing the “smart power” strategy of using military and economic strength in tandem with foreign aid and human-rights negotiations to fulfill U.S. foreign … [Read more…]

Blue Star Banners

The American Legion’s Blue Star Banner was resurrected after 9/11 to acknowledge U.S. families with loved ones serving in the Armed Forces during wartime. American Legion Blue Star Salutes and other post-sponsored events to distribute the banners are effective expressions of home front support for military families. www.legion.org/troops/bluestar

National Emergency Fund

The National Emergency Funds has provided more than $8 million in  direct financial assistance to American Legion Family member and posts affected by the natural disaster in recent years. The immediate fiancial grants have helped American Legion members and Sons of The American Legion members rebuild their lives www.legion.org/emergency

Border Security And Immigration

The American Legion opposes illegal immigration and and amnesty for those who came to the United States illegally. The Legion advocates for strict border and port security as a defense against invasion or attack by foreign enemies, illegal drug trafficking and adverse economic impact. The Legion, however, strongly supports legal naturalization. Brochures on immigration and … [Read more…]

Disaster Preparedness

Dozens of American Legion posts and more than 3,400 Ham Radio Club volunteers set the tone for preparing for natural disasters. In many communities, American Legion posts serve as civil-defense shelter and havens of relief in the event of catastrophe or attack on U.S. soil. Ham radio operators can relay messages when other communication systems … [Read more…]

Support For Tricare

The U.S. military health-care system and medical insurance program frequently face challenges in Washington. The American Legion persistently testifies on the need to keep TRICARE and TRICARE for Life viable and affordable benefits of military service.

Operation Comfort Warriors

This program provides wounded service members with rehabilitation equipment for physical therapy and entertainment in the form of special clothing, electronics, sports equipment, music and more. One hundred percent of donations to OCW go toward gift for injured servicemen and women. www.legion.org/ocw