About Post 2019

The Centennial Post 2019 is a post of The American Legion established under the command of Bishop Roger Bryant in October 2018. As a Vietnam Veteran, Commander Bryant wanted to do something to help the veterans and their families in his community. He realized many people suffered from things such as poverty, poor medical treatment, and many veterans weren’t receiving the benefit they deserved. He was given the opportunity to take command of the once dormant post to re-establish hope in the community.

Since his acceptance, he has began to grow the post membership by establishing department officers as well as recruit other members. His primary focus to grow in the more women an youth departments, so that they can take part in the benefits The American Legion offers.

Past Events

Post Meetings

Commander Bryant conducts Post 2019 meetings the first Saturday of every month. Meeting are open to all veterans and their families. So, please feel free to join anytime. View our meeting schedule and location in our upcoming event.