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The Centennial Post 2019 is a post of The American Legion established under the command of Bishop Roger Bryant in October 2018. As a Vietnam […]

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Commander’s Corner

Commander Roger Bryant is a Vietnam Veteran and the head of The Centennial Post 2019. He is a native of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, where he […]

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Annual Membership The American Legion annual membership is less than $5.00 a month. If you’re an active duty military, guardsman, reservist or a wartime veteran, […]

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Welcome to Centennial Post 2019 Pike Road, Alabama

"Veteran Lives Do Matter"



  • May 8, 1919, the St. Louis Caucus approved The American Legion’s constitution and draft preamble. No time was wasted selecting temporary officers and a national convention site, even the name “The American Legion” became permanent.
  • November 1919, the constitution and preamble were adopted.
  • September 1942, the word “war” in the preamble was changed to “wars” for the first, and only time, since it was originally written.
  • October 2018, Centennial Post 2019 established under the command of Bishop Roger Bryant.